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We set up eBike Rider to give you a completely unbiased view on the ebike market. Sharing with you the latest news, videos, buyers guides, reviews and tech tips to help you join the eBike revolution. We pride ourselves on not being tied to any particular brand of bike and will give honest opinions and feedback on buying, maintaining and getting the most from your eBike life.

The past few years has seen an evolution in the electric bike industry, with companies such as Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha refining their mid-drive systems. The original hub drive systems have also continued to be developed with companies such as Stromer leading the charge.

We now have smaller, lighter, more powerful units with extended battery life and range have brought eBikes into the mainstream and with major manufacturers such as Raleigh, Cube, Cannondale, KTM, Tern and Heibike joining specialist eBike manufacturers such as Moustache, Riese & Muller, Coboc and Juicy the choice has never been wider for consumers to join Generation-E and live their eBike Life.

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The first question to answer is why you want an eBike and what type of eBike rider you are:

Whatever age you re or type of user, you will find plenty of useful posts, videos and buyers guides to help you enjoy your eBike life or get involved with your first eBike.

We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions or ideas for content you would like to see featured across the website, please email us on support@ebikerider.co.uk